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ICFM Goals

To form a Christian mentoring program for pre-teens and teens.
To build strong role models in the community.
To promote the spirit of excellence in academics and socially. Networking churches, families, and organizations.
To spread the message that God is ready for young people to advance the kingdom of God.
To equip God’s youth with what they need to be prosperous and successful in life.


Pray your spirit is touched with power that awakens, refreshes, rejuvenates, & encounters the love of Jesus Christ! Remember nothing is impossible with God so soar with us on this journey!

RP4C Goals

Dance or Mime unto Jesus Christ, so others may have a more intimate relationship with God.
Win souls to Christ by ministering as a group or as an individual.
To use arts as a means of expressing our love for God and releasing our emotions positively.
To encourage young people to spread the Word of God in radical ways in life.
To grow spiritually, physically, & emotionally.


ICFM Raves

"I LOVE ICFM!!!!! They have an awesome ministry and DYNAMIC ministry leaders!!! I'm blessed EVERYTIME God allows me to see them minister. They are full of love. And they are there to help whenever they are able to. I love them!!!"

-Janet Sims

“I can fly ministries has taught Travelers Rest Vessels of Praise how to treasure the gift that God has given us thru dance. Thank God for placing them in our path."

-Tangela Myles, VOP Leader